Sunday, April 20, 2014

easter bunny

harper's first easter! we didn't do anything special since she is too young to know any different, but i did dress her up as a bunny :) on saturday we enjoyed dinner with friends, and on sunday we attended a lovely church service, went on a long family walk once garrison got home from work, and i made ham sliders with a big green salad for dinner. on another note, we are all loving the sleep sheep from her grandparents...she slept 6 hours straight last night!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

harper // one month

i won't bore you with baby stats and milestones (don't worry, i still recorded them!), but here are some favorite snapshots from this past month. i really can't believe one month has flown by since we were in the hospital. i feel like she has doubled in size (not really, but she's definitely getting bigger!) and it is such a blessing to be able to stay home and take care of her everyday. i can't imagine having to miss a single moment of her life. i am still learning how to get other stuff done around the house, but i'll get there. one of my favorites parts of each day are our late morning/early afternoon walks. happy one month, harper bear.
^ beautiful flowers from her grandparents
^ homecoming note from papa
 ^ so tiny in the car seat! we were totally those parents 
that rode in the backseat with her for the first week
 ^ we love bath time!
 ^ harper bear!
^ mister fynn has adjusted well to our new family member
 ^ mama sure loves her baby bear
 ^ can you tell she was super excited for her first snowfall?!?
 ^ bedtime stories
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

in my diaper bag (for a newborn)

my diaper bag essentials for a newborn:
burp cloth
hand sanitizer
spray bottle with cloth wipe solution
small wetbag for dirty diapers
spare onesie
nail clippers (a nail file is better for newborns)
nursing cover or swaddle blanket
tide stick

my personal items, not pictured: keys, wallet, notebook, checkbook, iphone, chapstick, pen, breath mints, waterbottle

Sunday, April 13, 2014

red hill with harper (her first hike!!)

i was feeling pretty much recovered at three weeks postpartum so i started jogging (very slowly and only short distances since i haven't ran since last july) and decided it was time for a hike too. and there's not a better first hike than red hill, which is just two miles from our home. so on friday we loaded up the car (you have to haul around a lot when you have a baby!), went for a scenic drive up to ruedi reservoir, then stopped and hiked red hill on the way home. it was so fun! the weather was amazing and harper just slept in the ergo the entire time, even when every other person on the hike wanted to see our little baby. i love living somewhere that we are surrounded by active people. it makes me want to get back in shape sooner than later! thanks for hiking with us harper bear! i hope you grow up to love the great outdoors just as much as your mama + papa.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

paternity leave + favorite quotes

garrison was able to take off two weeks from work when harper was born. and let me tell you, it was amazing. the first week went by so quick, with two days in the hospital and then adjusting to life with a newborn (read: sleepless nights)... the second week was just lovely. i feel so grateful that he was able to be home with me during that time. i thought he might get bored, but he was barely able to relax. not only did he get to bond with our new baby, but he was also amazing at diaper changes, cleaned the house, took the dog for walks, grocery shopped, did yard work, and more. i hope he knows how much i appreciated his help while i recovered and adjusted to my new life as a stay at home mom. 

he said some of the sweetest things to/about our baby during this time. i wish i could've written them all down. here are just a few i was able to record:

"My way to see if Harper is still breathing is to kiss her and then she moves." march 20th

"Oh, she is the best. I just love her so much." march 21st

"I love that all 4 of us sleep in 1 room." (including Mister Fynn, of course) march 22nd

"Harper, if you weren't so cute would I still love you? I guess we'll never know." march 22nd

"You're a wild girl this morning...moving around and stretching and just being super cute!" march 25th

ps: i must note that his favorite thing to do is to wake her up with kisses after i've put her down to sleep. how can i get mad at that?!?