Wednesday, July 22, 2015

huckleberry picking + caterpillars

^ munch, munch, munch
one afternoon, we spotted two huckleberry bushes in our backyard! this brightened both our days, as harper loves berries of any kind + i had just saved a huckleberry cake recipe earlier in the week. while we were harvesting, i spotted the fuzziest woolly bear (isabella) caterpillars, so naturally we also had to inspect our new friends (all while not touching them just in case).

Sunday, July 19, 2015

family photos!

here's our most recent diy family photos, taken in the most gorgeous fireweed meadow. i love these people in my life + am grateful for these photos memories of this moment in time with them. xo

a few outtakes below...

Saturday, July 18, 2015

blueberry picking + favorite recipes!

^ this cute bowl is nuby's easy-go suction bowl
i know, i know...wayyy too many blueberry bush photos! i couldn't help it though, all of these photos make me so happy! plus, those little blue gems are one of harper's favorite foods currently.

garrison planned an afternoon to go blueberry picking at the local ski mountain, eaglecrest. it's actually across the bridge, on douglas island...meaning a bit of a drive, but so worth it! we spent a few hours picking away, taking home about 24 cups of blueberries! so naturally i'm dreaming of all the recipes i can add these to. harper hated being in the hiking pack while we picked, but loved sitting on my lap helping herself to mouthful after mouthful of fresh berries. in fact, i'm kind of worried she's now going to be a berry snob, demanding fresh-off-the-bush in her oatmeal every morning!

just in case it's blueberry season where you live too,
here are a few of my favorite blueberry recipes:

Thursday, July 16, 2015

harper // 16 months

harper at 16 months: got to be the flower girl in her auntie's wedding; has stopped saying both "papa" + "mama" since getting back from our trip to anchorage; has gotten really good at waving + saying a high pitched "hi" to everyone + every animal; loves to watch airplanes fly overhead; points to her belly button, nose + eye; learned to climb onto our living room chair; loves tortilla chips, fresh diced tomatoes, whole blueberries + salmonberries; doesn't care for seafood; and she switched this week to 1 nap a day. stats: 18.5 pounds (under the 3rd%) // length: 29.2" (10th%)

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

herbert glacier bike + hike

this week we met up with my hiking group to bike herbert glacier trail. it was so much fun!! biking the trail was such a good idea, since it's about a 4 mile one-way flat packed-down trail. even my road bike did pretty good (although, a mountain bike would be preferred). since i was pulling harper in the bike trailer, we had to park the bikes + hike the last fourth-mile or so to the glacier viewing area. we enjoyed our picnic lunch on this rocky beach next to the river.

*trailhead parking is mile 27 of glacier highway, just before the bridge. possible blueberry picking during july/august.