Monday, November 10, 2014

first bandaid on a tiny finger

after getting home from a baby playdate, i put harper down to scoot around while i did dishes. i looked down a minute later to find little streaks of blood on the floor. yikes! somehow she got a little cut on the tip of her finger. and she thought the bandaid was pretty silly, especially to poke me with ;)

Saturday, November 8, 2014

this girl // pulling + scooting

^ silly girl, this is not what the teething necklace is for
^ i might have bribed her with my phone :)
^ "that's enough with the pictures, mom!"
our girl is getting very mobile these days... spinning in circles. rolling multiple times in a row. pulling herself up to a stand in her crib. and scooting all around! it was just yesterday when i didn't have to worry about setting her down on the couch or bed, because she wasn't going anywhere. but now, she learned to lift her belly off the ground & it only took her a few days to master scooting across the room. she'll be crawling soon!

7 1/2 months old

Friday, October 31, 2014

harper's first halloween // meow

from the moment i spotted this baby-sized cat headband, i knew harper would be a kitten for  her first halloween. garrison and i planned to play along, being dwight, angela + sprinkles the cat from the office, but we never really got completely dressed up. oh well. holidays (and everydays) are so much better with a baby!

we made it out to our church's annual trunk-or-treat, but ended up missing our friend's day-of halloween party due to the fact that we pretty much go to bed between 8-9pm most nights ;) and since we didn't buy candy, we enjoyed hiding on the couch from the trick-or-treaters! that is until we went for a walk to admire our neighborhood festivities, complete with fire pits on driveways.

ps: i'm extra glad i took these pics because we have since sold this beautiful bed garrison built.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

hanging lake + purham hikes

i had to squeeze in at least these last two hikes before the snow fell. hanging lakes is a hike that EVERYONE does when visiting/living in this valley. it is so popular during the summer that the parking lot is almost always full. unfortunately, due to bad timing on my part, we nearly had to run the trail to get done in time for an appointment. so once we made it to the lake, we snapped a quick photo and had to turn immediately around. despite that, it was fun to wear harper on my back for the first time.

i also took harper + mister fynn to hike purham on a sunny (but chilly) morning. i have to admit i was a little bored hiking it by myself (no other adults to talk to :) but so glad i got out. sometimes it is all too easy to stay home all day everyday.

Monday, October 20, 2014

alaska + tips for flying with a baby

we had the opportunity to spend a few days in alaska babysitting my nephews. it was fun to be able to fly with harper again, now that she is a bit older than last time (7 months). she still did great both directions, even getting her own seat on the way home (and they let us bring our carseat on for free, so she was able to sleep in it!). 
we had a little extra time to satisfy our "big-city" shopping needs. i always require retail therapy since we live in such a small town with only one grocery store! harper also got to spend a little time with her extended family. she is at the perfect age that doesn't mind being passed around...yet. but most of our time was spent with my nephews...baking treats, playing at the park, getting ice cream, ect. overall it was a great trip.
^ i love her new winter outfit!
a few tips for flying with a baby: 
- both red-eye & daytime flights have advantages & disadvantages with babies. on red-eyes hopefully your baby will sleep like normal, but most likely you won't, and you still have to take care of baby/socialize the next day. on day flights hopefully baby will play quietly or nap, and that way you can still sleep in a bed at night.
- but either way, long lay-overs are not ideal, it is just better for everyone is you can get the traveling done & over with.
- we brought along plenty of disposable "toys"/distractions like plastic cups & coffee lids that she could bang around & chew on, and when they fell on the floor we just threw them away so we didn't have to worry about germs on her real toys.
- check your carseat with your baggage for free so you don't have to lug it around the airport, and remember if you do this you will have to pick it up in the oversize luggage section of baggage claim.  (unless you're hoping to snag an empty seat, which you can check on before boarding.)
- wear baby in a wrap/carrier through security (a travel stroller would also be nice).
- once you reach your destination, try to respect nap times as much as possible, taking into account the time change.