Wednesday, March 9, 2016

today's just been a great day

today's just been a great day. garrison biked to work, so i had the car, but didn't really feel like going anywhere. instead, we did the usual: make + eat oatmeal for breakfast, and then attempted a quick prenatal workout video. harper held my hand for parts of it + did toddler versions of the exercises. it was adorable watching her squat down + "reeeach" her arms up high. after that we took mister fynn for a short walk, and then made the hot cocoa i promised her. while i ironed some of her dresses, she requested to watch "baby einstein." i only like to let her watch shows about once a week or so, but it's fun to hear her verbalize what she's learning from the show. after it was over, a kiddy music video came on + she proceeded to dance circles around the living room with high pitched screeches. we made a smoothie together for lunch (she's the best helper putting the ingredients into the blender + taste-testing the coconut), after which she requested for me to join her in the playroom. before nap time we set up baby's bed, where she pretended to be a baby herself. before falling asleep, i heard her talking + signing to all her baby dolls that she threw into the crib with her...

Saturday, October 31, 2015

halloween tickle monster

i've always been about easy halloween costumes. harper already had this monster outfit in her closet (a gift from an auntie), and i thought it would be perfect for this year's halloween costume considering she has recently learned the art + enjoyment of tickling. "ticka ticka ticka" is a constant phrase around here currently, while she gently brushes her tiny fingers back + forth. 

the night before halloween, we attended our church's annual "trunk or treat" festivities. she surprisingly had a blast toddling around the parking lot with papa + splashing in rain puddles. and on halloween, i got her one treat while grocery shopping: a shiny red apple!

Monday, October 19, 2015

weekend in anchorage // "i'm pregnant"

in october, i made a spontaneous weekend trip to anchorage. my sister-in-law thought it'd be fun to meet up while my sister + her kiddos were also in town from up north. i'm usually a huge plan-ahead-er, but now that we live so close to where we grew up, i couldn't think of a good enough reason not to fly in. it was my first time flying solo with harper, and luckily all went smoothly! it was great to check in with family + friends, and i also got to go to the temple with my sister (thanks to my sis-in-law babysitting all our kids!). but the fun part was sharing the news in person with everyone that i'm 16 weeks pregnant! way more fun than calling or texting with the news.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015