Monday, June 8, 2015

my paddington bear

one of my favorite outfits of harper's recently. bright + cheerful rain slicker and boots, balanced by a neutral cap + striped pants. perfect for the overcast days we've been having lately + for our evening walks down to the water. she reminds me of a little paddington bear!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

under the sea

the only bathroom in our newly purchased house needs a lot of work. i'm talking a complete gut job + some point. but like i said, it's our only bathroom for the time being. there is actually an unfinished detached garage with the potential for a studio above, where we plan to put in a bathroom within the next year or so, which means our own bathroom remodel will have to wait until after that time. i'm dreaming of penny-tiled floors, subway-tiled walls + shower, relocate the washer + dryer to the garage, and put in a larger vanity... but it's really not that bad i guess, and it's definitely useable for the time being.

lately, harper has had a few rough days. i think she's at that age of not being able to communicate exactly what she wants and it frustrates her. not only that, but i have a lot of house projects + organizing to work on, so we don't get out of the house as much as i'd like. during especially fussy moments, bath time saves the day! 

we love having a variety of interactive bath toys to make it more of an activity than just a quick wash. recently we've been loving a few new bath products from nuby...
waterproof bath books are so fun for harper, because books are definitely her favorite "toys" right now. nuby's is lightweight + has no words, so it's perfect for a toddler "read" to themselves, using their imagination to create a story. i sometimes like to stick it to the side of the tub so the pages stick straight out! one of the pages has a fun squeaker inside, although i wish it was in the corner of the page for easier squeaking :) bath books are one of our favorites, so i hope nuby expands their selection!
i have a frustration with rubber ducks, because all the ones that we own float upside down or sideways! drives me crazy. i was so happy to find that nuby's octopus bath toy actually floats upright! bonus: it doesn't have a hole in the bottom, so water won't get inside to create mold, and it is very durable. it comes with 3 fun rings that older children can toss onto the octopus's tentacles, but mainly at this age (15 months) we just pass them back + forth between our mouths, which induces laughter every time! sometimes i also hook the rings to a toy clip and bring them along in the stroller because she likes them so much.
typically, harper loves baths, that is up until it comes time to rinse the shampoo out of her hair. since i prefer to use an all-natural shampoo, it doesn't contain the eye-numbing ingredients that some other baby-shampoos contain. nuby's tear-free rinse pail has saved the day! with gentle pressure, the flexible comfort-edge molds around the child's face, creating a seal so that soapy water won't get in their eyes! now harper laughs when i rinse the shampoo out of her hair! she also plays with it during bath time, using it as a cup to drink from, and i use it to pour warm water over her body as we play. i simply store it in my shower caddy to drain, and also find myself using it to rinse down the shower when i clean the bathroom.

the sea toy scooper comes with a hook to easily attach it right inside your shower. i like that the whale is large enough to hold all our bath toys, and fun enough to be used as a toy itself! my favorite part is shaking the toys out at the beginning of bath time. there are plenty of drainage holes to aid in airing out the bath toys quickly. i can totally see us playing with this whale at the beach sometime soon!

here's to making bath time more fun for both you + your littles!

*please note: i received these bath accessories from nuby in exchange for this blog review. all photos + opinions are my own.  thanks for your support!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

harper wears: freshly picked moccasins + a giveaway!

this is part two of our mother-daughter outing to glacier gardens. see part one here.

harper just started walking the last week of april, which was actually the same day we moved into our new house! one thing that was important to me when selecting her first walking shoes was that they had to have soft soles. soft-soled shoes are recommended for toddlers learning to walk to allow their foot muscles to properly develop. i had previously bought harper a pair of glacier blue moccs from freshly picked (which were absolutely adorable + she wore them everywhere!), and i knew i needed to add to her collection with the next size up, just in time for her learning to walk. i also love that they are genuine leather, because i believe that natural products are so much healthier for our children to be around, especially when it is in contact with their skin for longer periods of time. bonus: freshly picked moccs are made right here in the usa!

the platinum moccs she currently wears go with everything in her closet, and can be dressed up or down. she wears them to church every sunday, but also to the park and all other activities during the week. they are my first choice when picking out shoes for her to wear because they never fall off, which is huge for baby shoes! we've all been there, walking around target, looking for that one lost shoe or sock... but these moccs (her's are a size 2) have not fallen off once. not only that, but they go on easily thanks to the hidden elastic ankle band, so there's no struggling with your child to get out the door.

next on harper's wish list are the weathered brown moccs! check out to view their entire selection, and make sure to follow them on instagram so you don't miss out on any sales or new releases! PS: i am hosting a GIVEAWAY over on my instagram page where you have a chance to win your very own here to enter!

*please note: i received this pair of freshly picked moccs in exchange for my review, but i was already a satisfied customer! as always, i will only recommend products that i love. thanks for your support! all photos + opinions are my own. giveaway runs on @brookefield's instagram page june 3-12, 2015; winner must have a u.s. mailing address and cannot have won another freshly picked giveaway within the last 6 months.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

picnic at the beach

picnicing is always a summer favorite of mine. and gosh, do we have a fabulous location just a short walk from our house to do such activities! lately garrison has been into fishing right from shore, which is plenty relaxing for me to watch harper as she plays with rocks + shells. i packed up some homemade roasted garlic hummus, layered with tzatkiki sauce, cucumber, feta, tomatoes + greek olives, along with pita for dipping. yum! garrison especially loves this fresh summer meal. 

harper has been enjoying her new no-spill flip-it cup from nuby. she loves it because it has a straw, which i think is fun for her to drink from + makes her feel like a big girl. it makes a great to-go cup, because it doesn't leak + has a flip top to keep the straw clean when not in use. this was her first straw-cup, and she learned how to drink from it in just about a minute, even with the no-spill technology. the shape is perfect for little hands to grasp while drinking, and also "hug" with one arm when she wants to carry it around. the size holds plenty of water for when we're out + about, but it's not too large or heavy for her to pick up by herself. we've been taking this cup everywhere, from morning runs in the stroller, to running errands in the car, on picnics + evening walks to the beach.

i get excited when we find a cup she loves to use, because i'm always looking for ways to get her to drink more fluids. not drinking enough water is one of my bad habits that i don't want to pass along to her! nuby products for babies + kids can be easily found at many retailers, including amazon, target, walmart and more!

*please note: i received the no-spill designer series flip-it cup from nuby in exchange for this blog review. as always, i will only recommend products that we love. thanks for your support! all photos + opinions are my own.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

among the wildflowers

may has always been a favorite month of mine. it's the transition from spring to summer, when the wildflowers are in bloom. thankfully, our first may in juneau didn't disappoint. i may not have been able to find peonies for sale, but at least we could cut fresh wildflowers to fill every vase + jar in the house with. harper seems a little skeptical of the local foliage, not too sure about it right now. i think she'll just grow to love it though, just like i do.