Wednesday, March 4, 2015

spring snow // part 2

more snow! and we had the sledding hill all to ourselves. mister fynn was one happy pup running all over the golf course. and harper's baby snow tracks were just the cutest.

Monday, March 2, 2015

spring snow // part 1

january + february were very light on snowfall. but so far march is making up for it.

Friday, February 27, 2015

tub fun

just a little fun in the tub on a winter afternoon.
bubbles c/o tubby todd

Sunday, February 22, 2015

road trip to utah!

during president's day weekend, garrison's work schedule was a little crazy, and he ended up being able to combine his weekends and take an extra two days off for a total six days off in a row! even though it was very last minute, we knew we had to get out of town, and i suggested a road trip to utah to see some of my family before we make the big move to alaska. 

my aunt graciously let us stay at their beautiful home in bountiful, which was really fun because my cousin christine & her family were living there temporarily while they purchased their first home.  harper and christine's 2 year old daughter ella were fast friends. we all went to dinner at a spanish tapas restaurant, finca, in salt lake where another one of my cousins works. 

we ended up walking around temple square on a few occasions because it is such a beautiful place. unfortunately, we didn't have a chance to go inside the temple, but just being on the grounds was a blessing, and even harper seemed especially happy while we were there.

one morning, we drove up to park city, but it was pretty cold that day, so we only went to the olympic museum before meeting up at swig to try their famous sugar cookies. 

one of the main reasons i wanted to make the trip was to see both of my grandma's for probably the last time. i haven't seen either of them in several years, and it was pretty hard on me to see them in their current state. one of them still seems healthy & active, but has no short-term memory, and basically just repeated the same things every 5 minutes or so. the other was temporarily in a nursing home, and looked so frail. her memory was so deteriorated i really just felt like a complete stranger. it was rough. i hate to say it, but i almost wish i wouldn't have gone so i wouldn't remember them that way. 

on a happier note, i did get to meet up with my good friend rachel & her family who i haven't seen in almost 2 years. we both have had babies since the last time we met up, and the kids were so cute playing together. i wish we could've had a full day in the provo/orem area, because it reminds me of the many trips i would make there to visit friends in our college days. it's such a fun town full of young couples out & about. at least we got to enjoy waffle love before heading back home...those are some life changing waffles that i will be dreaming about!

all in all a great trip. i probably should've done a better job at planning out our days there so we could've fit more in and seen my other cousins & more friends. but, how did i not take a single photo with the family we visited?! i guess that just means we'll have to make another trip back in the future. thanks for having us utah!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

salt lake city's temple square

here are a few of my favorite photos we took while at temple square in salt lake city. it is always such a treat to walk around temple grounds, and i think this is our first time doing so with harper. she was seriously the happiest baby while we were there, if that tells you anything. i wish we would've had one more hour there, to see the christus or attend a session. but i know we'll be back.