Wednesday, August 12, 2015

toddler eats // 12-18 months

shortly after weaning harper (when she was almost 13 months old), she began to really eat. and i mean, screaming for breakfast! about the same time, she wanted to eat what we were eating, not baby purees anymore. it was time to start thinking about toddler-friendly food options, and stop eating so many tortilla chips + sweets on front of her! here is a short list of great toddler meal + snack options she has loved these past few months (bonus: the whole family will enjoy most of these!).

+  steel cut oats with 1/4 banana, berries + a splash of milk
+  banana + egg pancakes

+  fresh fruit, diced (harper loves berries + watermelon!)
+  full-fat greek yogurt, plain or with diced fruit
+  whole peas or diced tomatoes with a sprinkle of salt
+  pre-cooked beets, diced (find lovebeets brand in the produce section)
+  meat, diced (harper likes meat but unfortunately not seafood, but every kid is different and i won't give up trying!)

lunch or dinner:
+  cheese + veggie/chicken quesadillas (perfect for picnics)
+  pesto + pea quinoa patties
+  mediterranean quinoa salad (can be made with quinoa instead of couscous, cut other ingredients a little smaller for toddlers)
+  tandoori quinoa (i made this for garrison's lunches, but harper gobbled this up, even with the jalapeƱo + spices!)

sweet treat:
+  banana ice cream, plain, or add cinnamon or peanut butter (perfect cold treat for teething toddlers!)

the last couple months i've also been working with her to feed herself. she still needs me to load food onto her spoon, but she usually can make it into her mouth without making too much of a mess! pictured here she is using nuby's fun feeding fork + spoon set. they will be perfect for her to use by herself here in a couple more months, and have great easy-to-hold handles. i've found they are best for foods with sticky textures, like quinoa + yogurt.

i hope some of these ideas are helpful if you have a toddler in your house!

*i was given a nuby fun feeding fork + spoon set in exchange for a blog review. all photos + opinions are my own. sponsored posts like this help me create new content for my readers. thanks for your support!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

goodbye summer!

spent one of the last glorious summer days hiking boy scout trail + spending the afternoon at eagle beach with my hiking group. the trailhead is about 20 miles from home with about a 2 mile hike to the beach, but so so worth it. it is definitely our family's favorite beach in juneau. the beautiful sand tricks me into thinking i'm on vacation! 

and if anywhere is harper's happy place, i think this would be it. she was having the time of her life playing along with the other kids, getting as close as i'd let her to the ocean, saying "hi" to the dead salmon, and collecting treasures. she makes me so happy and i love seeing her run around with no cares in the world.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

picnic on blueberry hill

sometimes i leave the house with plans for just me + harper. i'd way rather garrison come with us on every adventure, but i guess he has to work most days. today's adventure was back to eaglecrest ski area to harvest a few more blueberries before the season ends. harper ate nearly as many as we took home, as evidenced by the stains on her cheeks, but if that isn't a good enough reason to make the drive, then i don't know what is. love this girl + her love for all things berries.

Friday, July 31, 2015

july 2015 snapshots

^ a glorious sabbath, spent discussing religion with a new friend, harper was in the best mood all day, we had company for dinner + this layered goodness for dessert. a very full heart + belly.
 ^ he has caught so many different fish species right off shore!
 ^ sup - my first time + i loved it!
 ^ a much needed greasy bacon + onion ring burger date at the local dive bar; complete with terribly loud music, dirty carpet, deer heads mounted on the walls...and we loved every minute of it!
 ^ richard a. marriott trail with my hiking group - not my favorite hike, very muddy, but it's still nice to get outside
 ^ hiking to nugget falls with my dad
 ^ shared our family recipe for blueberry bran muffins with harper, read the book that reminded me about them, and enjoyed the giant bouquet of flowers garrison surprised me with after my race.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

north bridget cove

this was a pretty hike with my hiking group. the trail goes along the coast for bits + also through the trees, is well designated trail with lots of variety. it's a long drive, but i'd do this couple mile hike again.

trail notes: trailhead is at mile 37.2 of glacier hwy on the water side. if you reach mile marker 38 or the fork in the road, you've gone too far. there is a backpacking camping spot in the woods along the trail, past the first beach access.