Saturday, October 11, 2014

kitchen sink baths

i have been looking forward to kitchen sink baths since before she was born. i'm not a big fan of the infant tub that i have to sit on my knees to use, it takes a day or two to dry + then we have to store the clunky thing in our tiny house. so a week or so ago when i felt like she was ready to sit up in the kitchen sink, i went for it. and it did not disappoint. it was so much easier for me to clean those rolls and splash her with water. i should probably invest in a plug so i can fill the sink with soapy water...

i usually bath her twice a week (i don't want her soft skin to dry out!); the day before church + the day before garrison's weekend. i want her to be clean on the two most important days of our week. currently i bathe her in the late mornings or early afternoons, but i have a feeling once she starts to explore more with food at dinnertime i will be switching it up to nightly baths. we've given her a few real foods here + there and she loves to "paint the table" with them! last nights cucumber was an easy clean up but the pear from a few nights ago left a sticky mess. i'm okay with that if i get to wash her up alongside the dishes ;)

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

pumpkin patch

a perfect autumn day calls for playing outside, because we know too well that winter will be here before we know it. on this day we played at the skatepark, then hit up a pumpkin patch before heading to garrison's football game. i want more days like these with my sweet babe.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

termination dust

being from alaska, i am all too familiar with termination dust. the first snow on the mountain tops that  means summer is officially over. it's not too different here in colorado. i have a feeling this winter will be unlike any other, now with a baby in tow. and i'm looking forward to it.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

baby products we love

adding a new baby to your family (especially a first baby) can be overwhelming when you think of all the stuff baby will need. for me, i tried to be pretty minimalist, but also realistic with what will make life more comfortable for everyone. i also did a lot of research to make sure i was buying a great product that could last through multiple babies. this list of my favorite baby products for the first six months may seem long, but we live in a small house (1090 sq ft) and none of it takes up too much space. i hope these suggestions are helpful whether you are cloth diapering or not!

for cloth diapering

disposable diapers + wipes for the first few weeks // pampers newborn swaddlers
one-size cloth diapers are a little too big for newborn bums. i would recommend getting enough newborn size disposable diapers & wipes for the first 2-4 weeks (averaging 10 per day). pampers are what the hospital used and fit great. i have also used honest company diapers for traveling which i love.

cloth diapers // bumgenius 4.0 one-size snap diapers x25
i did plenty of research on cloth diapering, and bumgenius had the best reviews. i wash diapers every 2-3 days (about 17 per load) and having 25 diapers is plenty. be sure to look out for sales before purchasing your stash, like we did during black friday weekend.

diaper odor control // biokleen bac-out odor eliminator
spray this on the soiled diapers before putting them into your diaper pail. it has a wonderful lime scent. we also use it to wipe down our changing pad, and keep it out on the changing station. note: the best way to remove stains from clean diapers is to hang them out in the sun (natural bleach!).

cloth diaper safe rash cream // cj's butter
next time i think i'll try the spray version. note: most rash creams will make cloth diapers not absorb liquid (pee), so make sure it is cloth diaper safe.

cloth wipes // grovia cloth wipes x36
get these nice and wet each use & they'll soften up. we store these dry, stacked in the changing station.

cloth wipe solution in spray bottles // kissaluvs diaper lotion potion concentrate
add 4 drops to 8 ounces water. i use my hospital peri cleansing bottle at the changing table. i love the scent of these essential oils, but plain water will do the job as well. a few other products i would like to try: california baby, bumgenius, homemade. while we're on-the-go i just squirt out some water from my water bottle onto the cloth wipes.

diaper pail liners // planet wise x2
these fit in almost any trash can or diaper pail and can be washed with the cloth diapers. get two to swap out on laundry day. or try their large wet/dry zippered version and you won't even need a diaper pail!

cloth diaper safe laundry detergent //
ecos free and clear is one of the cheapest "free & clear" detergents for cloth diapering. we are currently trying out charlie's soap and i would also like to try rockin green.

drying rack // lehigh secure line drc24
cloth diaper covers shouldn't be put into a dryer. use this when you can't hang dry them outside. this one has 24 clips and folds when not in use. we have a closet rod above our washer, so i throw the inserts into the dryer and hang dry the covers directly over the washer, which is very convenient.

small wet bag for dirty diapers in diaper bag // itzy ritzy zippered wet bag
these are a great size to store up to 4 soiled diapers in your diaper bag while on the go.

other essentials

changing pad // keekaroo peanut
love this changing pad! it is definitely worth the price, considering if you were to buy a standard pad plus waterproof liners and covers. it easily wipes off (we use biokleen bac-out and a cloth wipe) which means less laundry, considering how many times our baby has gone to the bathroom mid diaper change!

we already had a simplehuman trash can on hand that we weren't using, so i tried it out as a diaper pail. it works great for odor control and the perfect size.

i wanted a diaper bag that was a little more outdoorsy than your standard diaper bag, and also manly enough that my husband wouldn't mind carrying it. i was already using the smaller version of this bag as a purse and loved it. it has plenty of pockets to hold everything: the interior laptop sleeve hold all the diapering essentials and a spare onesie, the main interior pocket holds a nursing cover and my personal items (wallet, notebook, phone, keys, ect.), and it has pocket organizers for all the little things too (hand sanitizer, pacifier, teething tablets, ect).

i had no idea that i would need these 24/7! these work great, but i'd like to try reusable ones next time.

love the size and thickness of these for burpcloths. we have a stack in the nursery, a few around the house and one in the diaper bag. 10 is plenty to get us between laundry days.

stroller // chariot cougar 1
a stroller is such a personal decision based on your lifestyle. since we are outdoorsy and wanted it to also be used for jogging & as a bike trailer, we opted for the chariot, which was a good decision considering it's resale value once we need to upgrade to a double. note: it's not recommended to use a bike trailer until your baby is 6-9 months old. we were also interested in a bob, but i love that the chariot is completely enclosed for any weather. we purchased a few accessories for our chariot, including the infant insert, jogging wheel & bike trailer attachment.

car seat //
get the best one you can afford.

bathing //
a friend gave us a used infant tub. i still wish i had one that fit in the kitchen sink, but at 6 months old i started bathing her in the sink anyways. you will also need shampoo, body wash, 2 hooded or regular towels, 2 wash cloths and lotion.

great for small spaces; it hooks right onto the dining table. you can also take this to restaurants or friend's houses.

hand sanitizer // honest company gel or spray
smells so good and doesn't dry your skin, but a generic brand works fine too. get a small size for your diaper bag and a large size for at the changing table.

teething //
by now most people have heard of someone using an amber necklace to aid in teething pain. at six months old, there has only been one rough teething day while she was wearing this necklace, so we think it helps! use in conjunction with hyland's teething tablets or gel. and of course stock up on teething toys like sophie the giraffe & kiki the elephant!


i rented this from the library and would recommend watching within the first week before or after birth. it has very helpful tips on calming babies (swaddling, side or stomach holding, shushing, swinging, & sucking).

nursing cover // covered goods
because i'm not always brave enough to nurse without one! this one is fantastic because it covers your back too.

breast pump //
check with your insurance- mine supplied us with an ameda double electric pump. i don't use it very often as i prefer to breastfeed, but it is nice to have on hand. a single manual one would be nice for road trips. you will also need milk storage bags & a few 4-8oz bottles. 

swaddle blankets // aden + anais classic muslin
we are terrible at swaddling but these also make for a great light weight blanket, nursing cover & on-the-go changing pad, plus they come in so many cute designs.

white noise sound machine // humidifier, fan + sleep sheep
in the winter we used a humidifier and in the summer a fan. she also has a sleep sheep in her crib...the ocean setting puts us all to sleep!

bouncy chair // 4moms mamaroo
we opted for the mamaroo, but also liked the rockaroo. it doesn't take up much space, doesn't use batteries, and doesn't look like a jungle :) it's pricey, but worth it if you have the money. note: always use the fastest setting, which i learned from the happiest baby on the block dvd. but honestly, your baby is fine laying on a blanket on the floor too.

carrier + wrap // ergobaby carrier + solly baby wrap
both are fantastic and so comfortable. you can use the solly wrap from birth to one year, and the ergo  works from 7 pounds (with an infant insert) but will be great for the toddler years as well. i use both for neighborhood walks & hiking.
we purchased this in preparation for an upcoming vacation. we figured why purchase a cheaper one that was heavy and bulky when we would be happier with this lightweight version that wouldn't take up so much space in our car. they make a "fun shade" for it that would be fun to have for camping!

Monday, September 29, 2014

in september...

^ remembered about this no-knead bread recipe and have been using any excuse to make it over + over lately.

^ hiked part of red mountain with liz + her boys. the weather was absolutely perfect that i could've stayed on this bench overlooking glenwood springs for hours.

^ attended aspen's mac + cheese festival with rachel + one of her daughters (they have since moved out of state, sad day!). there were almost 20 restaurants handing out samples of their "fancy" mac + cheese and we got to vote on our favorite. so much mac + cheese in my belly!

^ more family bike rides! on one ride we went about 10 miles to whole foods to pick up a steak for dinner.

^ enjoyed a few rainy days. (raining in town, snowing on the mountains!) perfect for wearing sweat-pants all day + lighting my favorite candle!

^ if only autumn wasn't followed by might be my favorite