Saturday, February 8, 2014

maternity shoot

35 week baby bump

garrison was so kind to snap a few quick "maternity photos" of me saturday morning while walking down main street. i think he did a pretty good job, considering he doesn't really like taking pictures! they could only be better if i wasn't so awkward ;) i will treasure these for years to come as i look back at this blessed time in our lives. i can't believe we have only 5 weeks to go until we meet our baby girl, but as excited as we are for that, i don't want these last few weeks to rush by.


right now i am trying not to focus on the 30 pounds i've gained (yikes!), and am enjoying my last couple weeks of work...which means days off as a family soon! we are getting some baby necessities ordered (let me know if you have any recommendations for these first-time parents!) and trying not to fight over silly things like crib sheets (yes, that happened). i am also considering running a half marathon just a few months after giving birth to get me back on track with exercising. this is such an exciting time in our lives and i can't believe how much will change over the next month!